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Michael Ryan was born in Ireland. He is a counselor and psychotherapist in Dublin, Ireland. He works with children and teenagers in schools and with adults in his private practice.

He is an active member of the gay community and the LGBT movement. He came out as being gay to his family and friends when he was 27 years old.

He is also a human rights activist and volunteers with national and international charities and community groups at the board and grassroots level.

He has been involved in radio shows on human rights issues as a producer, researcher, and presenter and regularly features in mainstream media to comment on LGBT and human rights issues.

He wrote The Complete Guide to Gay Life for New Explorers to help gay people come to terms with their sexuality early in their discovery process to perhaps save them from some of the pain and isolation he felt while he needlessly carried around his secret.

He has been with his partner, Gavin, since 1998.